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Thread: how many make it work?

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    how many make it work?

    I was just wondering how many of you are stay at home moms...or fiance's or anything. How many of you just live off your SO's income from the military? I am asking because of this recent problem with my job.. and the fact that the original plan was for me to move with him.. I know he is going to tell me not to work and let him support me.. But is this actually realistic?
    Or is it best if i just make sure i have a job too?
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    Not currently but in the past we lived off just his income. We were fine, we just didn't have as many investments as we do now that I work full-time too.
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    right now I work, and we had always planned that I get to be a SAHM until our kids are all into kindergarden, but I know if we actually did have kids right now I would probably still have to work at least part time. But irght now we dont have any kids so I dont really count. lol
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    in reality we live off dh's income and have for about 3 years now. I am working from home but I only get paid about 130 dollars ever 2 weeks so that is just a little extra to give us wiggle room
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    I do... we don't have any kids so it's just the 2 of us but we have no problems. We do like to save money though lol. We have quite a bit of money saved up since he joined the military and this Dec he will have been in for 4 years. If you are both spenders it may make it hard but DH and I are both savers which is probably why we have had no problems. When he gets out of the military I am planning on finding a job to help out with the bills though. I just like not having a job right now so when he gets leave before and after deployments I don't have to worry about taking time off too. He went to VA for a few months for school and because I wasn't working it was really nice since I was able to go with him instead of not seeing him for those 3 or so months.
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    I am a SAHM and we make it work. It was hard at first, but with me doing the budget and shopping, etc... its ok. But - we also only have 1 car. I think it helps in not having 2 car payments and insurance payments.
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    Well I have been a SAHM and SAHW for 6 years. We live off of dh's paycheck only and have done pretty well.

    I will be starting a job on Monday. Mainly its time for me to get back in the work force plus we need that extra money since we are buying a house.
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    I am a stay at home mom/wife and have been since we got married. We are about to have our third child and things are fine. Things get tight from time to time but we make sure our bills/food/gas are taken care of first before spending anything extra. I will probably start working once our kids are in school, but that is up for debate since DH would love for me to always stay at home.
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    I am and have been for about 3 years. I love it to a point. I miss working and people but I make ways around that. We live on a E-5 income with a hugh amount of debt. (due to me working.) After our children are in school, I want to work part time. That way, I still have the flexability to be with my family but still earn something for the future.
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    Yes it can be done with sacrifice! I quit working a month before we got married. We got married May 98 when DH was an E-2. I nannied for about 6 months when pregnant with DS & DH was deployed. We had DS when DH was an E-3 in 1999. I didn't work again until 2005 but it was sportatic. I was a substitute teacher only working a couple of days here & there. I didn't work at all in 2006 but went back to subbing for the August '07-May 08 school year.
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