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Thread: cereals..

  1. alym
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    Hungry cereals..

    it seems like whenever we go into the commissary there is an entire lane for cereals. i'm just wondering what everyone has for breakfast/what you think is the worst cereal..

    did you know that there is a batman cocoa marshmallow puff cereal

    we usually eat cheerios because they are decent for u. :eat
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    one of my new personal faves is Honey bunches of oats with peaches!Its SO good!
  3. sweet blue eyes
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    I love smart start
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    Haha, Captain Crunch, Cocoa Puffs, and Honey Grahams for me! Ryan likes the vanilla yogurt Cheerios...
  5. lizz04
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    I like Fruit Harvest and Berry Burst Cheerios - whatever happened to Brown Sugar Total??? I loved that stuff! I usually mix two cereals together - I can't have just one! This morning I had raisin bran with berry Special K...last week I had cheerios and Fruit Harvest! One of my guilty secrets!
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    I like the frosted mini wheats, somewhat healthy & somewhat sweet.
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    I love cracklin oat bran!!
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    I have soo many I like. Not sure I remeber what the names are though (I'm really bad with names). Walmart used to have (not sure if they still do) a cereal, bluberrey muffin tops. It was soooo good. I would this all the time while preggo. I also like the Kellog's strawberry corn flakes or something like that. My new fav. is the fruity pebbles with marshmellows. Those are to die for.
  9. He's my popeye, but I'mnoOliveOyl!
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    We buy the store brand cheerios with strawberries for our daughter.. as a treat she gets disney princess cereal on occasion. We don't eat cereal a lot, but I like Cranberry Almond crunch.. and of course, this may sound a bit weird, but I love corn flakes with orange juice instead of milk. It's YUMMY!

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    I like all of the kashi cereals. Dh likes the sugary sweet crap. Sugar smacks, pops, captn crunch..... there is a new capt'n crunch out.... chocolate and peanut butter. Dh said it tastes like crap Thats the first sweet cereal Ive heard him complain about! Oh well he has to finish the box before I will buy anything else!
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