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Thread: Pen Ink On Clothes??

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    Pen Ink On Clothes??

    Well i forgot to check Dh's pockets before i did laundry, and he apparently forget to empty them before he put the pants in the hamper.
    Now i have an entire load of light clothes covered in black ink.
    Anyone know how to get it out?
    Shout wont work, oxyclean wont work, and im out of options (and patience)
    Any suggestions are greatly greatly appreciated!!
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    i've heard hairspray works, but i've never personally tried it. i use zout stain remover. for bad stains i use the gel, scrub it with a toothbrush, then use the spray on top of that. good luck!
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    vodka! :] just dip an old toothbrush into vodka and rub in the stain. not 100% sure if it will come out, but when my dog puked up the chocolate she stole from me, vodka got it out of our light beige carpets!! good luck
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    Hairspray... Not sure how well it will work if the stuff has already been laundered though.

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    I had a pen leak in a pocket, bad. It took a few washes with hairspray on the ink, but it came out!
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    Hair spray or Greased Lightning usually get ink out. Good luck.

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    Hairspray should work as long as it hasnt been dried in the dryer. It has always worked for me. Works on skin too ya know when the kids decide to get creative

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    hairspray works!

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