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Thread: Closing time!!

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    Closing time!!

    Wish me luck! Tomorrow is my closing date on my new (and first) house. Im so nervous! We already had problems today, so i'm really nervous about what else is going to come up tomorrow.

    You guys have any advice about any thing i should do or look out for when closing?

    Cross your fingers for me!!
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    Good luck!

    Advice: read everything and make sure you understand it--they will pressure you to sign it all really fast, but take your time. The last thing you want to have happen is be calling a loan rep at the bank you're financed through and have them tell you "Ma'am, on page 5, parragraph 2 of your contract it states __insert bad news here__. Would you like me to send you a copy?" I used to work in that department so I got those calls a lot and I always felt bad for the customer who was rushed through the paper work.

    ! on the new house!
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    good luck!
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    Good luck! I just did the closing on our house the end of Jan. after db went BACK to Iraq....I got to sign my name and his name and POA. gezzzzzz lol But yes, just read the papers. I had a great attorney who explained each page to that was amazing! Good luck though! It's a great feeling to walk out of there with that KEY!

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