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Thread: How we got so messy!

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    How we got so messy!

    During this Dirty Challenge of mine I've come to realize just why my past efforts to organize have failed (se my siggy if you're not familiar with my Dirty Challenge)

    1) Pure lack of concern...
    not that I don't *want* to live clean and orderly but simply *not* putting in the proper effort to make sure things stay that way.
    In the past - if I cleaned off the table or organized CD's or whatever I never cared to make efforts that I and the kids followed through with this effort in order to maintain it and it quickly junked up, again.
    On a weekly basis it, really, shouldn't take but a few hours throughotu the week of us putting things away and soo n in order to maintain clean order. Very simple to pull off with several kids, actually, it just takes me remembering to make sure it happens.

    2) Organizing too much...
    Every time I've organized the tool box or the book shelf I overdo it - putting labels on things and everything has an "assigned" place (very militant, I know) - so when I'm in a hurry (or the kids and my hubby are) and don't have time to read labels and numbers, etc etc, things just get *thrown* on there instead.
    Whereas - if i just said "top drawer of the tool box is for sockets...etc" then it's easier to put things where they go.

    3) Containers instead of boxes...this has two parts...
    I have bunches of containers in different sizes - the main reason is because in several moves in the past things have become broken or water damaged due to worn out boxes or rain, whatever...So plastic is definately teh way to go for storage and packing.
    However - plastic only helps when it's big enough to hold your items. If I have a plastic container dedicated to "paint-rollers" then that container needs to actually be big enough to hold paint-rollers! (common sense, yeah?) .. if it's not big enough then thigns won't fit and will just get thrown in a basket or box.

    4) Too many open-containers to throw stuff into...
    Any open boxes or containers that are sitting around tend to get filled with junk (the overflow that never gets put away or can't fit - see #1, #2, #3)
    so - if I simply *put up* these unused containers (like in the closet) then they aren't tempting trash-bins

    5) Laziness when it comes to throwing things out *or* laziness when it comes to getting rid of unwanted/unneeded items.
    No big time-taker to throw an empty package away, really - but in my cleaning, so far, I've gathered up enough trash of this nature to fill up 4 big bags! that's jsut stupid, right there - no excuses...All my fault.
    Likewise with the donation - I have a container for that but it never seems to be taken away and just overflows. LOL

    6) Buying spur-of-the-moment organization aides. I've bought all sorts of racks, drawer units, etc, without having a plan for them - so they just get junked up real quick or are found to be absolutely useless (like the over-the-door huge spice-rack that had no way of anchoring down all the way and everythign would fall out.)
    Just because it has a nice picture of clean perfection on the front doesn't mean it'll help out any.

    7) In ever room there's a trash-can or a laundry-basket, now...and all trash and laundry will go into them.

    So - keeping all these things in mind is how i plan to retrain myself and my kids to not be so piggy! With the grace of God, of course!
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    i hear you on the over organizing i have done that myself but lately my problem is that we have all become somewhat of pack rats lol i blame it on being homeless and poor for the time we were because i do not ever remember being like this before lol aand i am not talking about material things i am talking about papers and just crap that i would have thrown out years ago lol
    I feel the need to be petted too!
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    Yeah - same here - total pack rat!
    Total spend-rat, too. Last year i finally broke myself of the hoarding habit to buy new stuff without needing it.

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