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Thread: How do you save money?

  1. No one loves their mother like her boys!
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    No one loves their mother like her boys!
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    How do you save money?

    How do you save or earn extra money? We use coupns..Or sell items on ebay or on our garale sale websites in our areas....

    Do you cut back on things?
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    We cut back on snack foods, eating out, and driving. I will go through and sell stuff on Craigslist or Ebay. But not stuff that we needed, just cleaning out closets!

    Cutting back on eating out and driving are the biggest ones for us
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    i send my hubs off on depolyment .....
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    i don't grocery shop, and try to eat up what i already have
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    Use coupons, have garage sales, eat out less

    Earn extra cash here or here or here!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Navywife85 View Post
    i send my hubs off on depolyment .....

    Me too. Not that he ever bought anything, but our food bill was outragous when he's home, so now I spend less at grocery store/ eating out and on gas since he doesnt have to commute 2 hrs each way.

    Oh and clothes, I dont spend much on clothes, we usually buy a few nice pieces and there rest are used from consignment shops.
    I buy a ton of stuff on ebay, I swear everything we own is used.

    #1 cut back= FOOD !!!!!
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    I don't spend it!

    We save by putting our savings in a separate bank so it's only touched when absolute necessary, so what gets put there usually stays there!

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    Wait for the next promotion! lol. Were using deployment as a way to get ourselves a nice little savings started
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    I try not to drive that often. And we're going to try the grocery game. Food is expensive!
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    One word: Breadmaker

    In the long run, it pays off. You may spend more right off the bat, but you have to get the ingredients and the breadmaker itself... Totally worth it: you can make specialty breads that you'd have to pay out the ass for anywhere else (beer bread!).

    My husband and I also have a change jar--we call it the Oh shit jar. As in: Oh shit, we need gas but we have nothing in the bank for it! At the LEAST, it has about 5$ in it; last count, it was about... 25$ Empty out your pockets at the end of the day and put the coins in a jar but keep the bills. If you're the type to not want to carry alot of bills (*raises hand*), put the bills in the jar, too. One day, when I went and counted the jars (we have one for pennies and one for silver), we had about 40$ in it--which promptly went into the gas tank.

    Hubby and I also don't go out as often as other young couples; no reason to. Wants vs. needs... we WANT to go out, but we NEED to save money for diapers.

    We swap DVDs and music with our friends. Joe wants to borrow a CD that hubby has, but has no money. He has, however, a DVD that hubby and I didn't get to buy. We trade: Joe gets the CD, burns the music and gives it back, while we do the same with the DVD.

    Hubby and I are on WIC--Women, Infants and Children. It pays for the basics: cheese, eggs, milk, cereal, formula, carrots for breastfeeding mothers and juice.

    Hubby also started a Thrift Savings Program (TSP) that we do not touch, even in our direst emergency. Check with your finance officer for info. :]

    When I was pregnant with my son, instead of spending top dollar for clothes and stuff, we traded with other mothers. We spent MAYBE a total of about 400$ on baby stuff: needed a new carseat, a crib, a playpen and nursing bras. Everything else was given to us by neighbors, family and friends. If you have a friend who's preggers and she doesn't have stuff, but you do, give it to her in exchange for a favor ("Please water my plant while I'm gone?") Barter system= awesome. It works, too!

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