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Thread: grocery shopping?

  1. No one loves their mother like her boys!
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    No one loves their mother like her boys!
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    Big Grin grocery shopping?

    So were a family of 4 but our 6 month old just eats baby food right now not big food but it's still pricey anways just wondering for those with 4 or more in there family how much do you spend on grocery shopping each week/bi-weekly or once a month.

    So we buy grocerys to last us 2 weeks or 2 1/2 maybe and we spend between $170-180
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    hurry up and wait....
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    for 3.5 people, figuer 350 or so a month, not counting formula.
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    I go every payday and spend about $200 and thats just for me and 2 kids. I have NO freakin clue where that money is going because Im not buying anything different from when my DH was home and then I was only spending about $170
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    i didn't realize that the USSR was back.
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    5 people 250+ per payday. Food is our biggest household expense. even shopping at wal-mart/commy ( when we had one) and using coupons, its still expensive.

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    I honestly have no clue. I just get things when I need them.
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    With DH home we spend around $700 a month on groceries.
    When he's deployed we only spend $450ish

    Then we have to spend a few hundred on pediasure each month for our special needs son

    Were a family of 6.. 4 very hungry children
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    We spend 350-400 a month. I also spend about $42 a month for Breanna to eat lunch at school. We are a family of 5 and the kids are 7, 2, and 11 months.
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    I budget $250 for every two weeks, but I usually come in under the $200 mark. This includes all household stuff, toiletries, pet supplies and actual groceries/food.
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    4 people, about 600 a month with extra trips to Costco every 2-3 months of 400
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    We're a family of 7 with a bunch of pets...
    We spend $250-350/2 weeks ($500-700/month)...But if I buckle down I can knock quite abit off that.

    Baby food, I found, was ridiculously expensive considering how little the baby ate of it - so I just started pureeing our meals and feeding him table food.
    Saved money and time.
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