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Thread: Hairspray and Pen

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    Hairspray and Pen

    I was told that if you have ink pen in your clothes, you should spray hairspray on the pen then wash the article of clothing and the pen will be gone. Has anyone else heard of this?
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    Yes hairspray can be a good stain remover... also peroxide is a good stain remover (it can bleach so be careful on certain fabrics) However with hairspray it shouldn't bleach out. I've used it to get ink out of a silk blouse before. Spray it well, let it set, rub with detergent, let it set a bit, then wash. If it doesn't come out the first time totally, do it over. Goodluck. Sometimes baking soda and gingerale can work... depending on the ink.
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    I've done the hair spray and pen on Trav's coveralls once. never again but it worked

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    it has worked everytime for me. it also works with permanent marker

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