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Thread: Cleaning Couch

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    Question Cleaning Couch

    So I am in the middle of potty training DS...

    He just had an accident on the couch and now I am at a loss of how to clean the cushion cover...I took the cover off of the cushion.. and now there is another zipper on the inside but the stuffing in that part doesnt come out....

    Do you think I can just throw it in the washer.... or should I just use the carpet cleaner on it?

    Any advice would be great!
    Mrs. Villanueva
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    i didn't realize that the USSR was back.
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    unless it's a washable material i would spot clean. Vinegar is great on urine stains.

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    I just pulled my cover off and threw that in the washer. Not sure what to do about the actual cushion though.. I will have to keep tabs on this thread so when DS starts potty training and this happens, I'll know what to do.
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    my grandmother told me to use baking soda on the mattresses. it absorbs the odor & bacteria.

    ETA: Be careful washing the cover, let it hang dry. My mom washed and dried her cushion covers once and they shrunk. They were then too small to put back on the cushion..

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    We have reclining couches where the cushions don't even come off the couches-everything is completely attached. So I use my steam cleaner on it.

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