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Thread: Hot tubs!

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    Confused Hot tubs!

    The house we live in has a 6 person hot tub outside in the back yard that we've never used, it came with the house and the previous owner said he didn't use it either and in fact he didn't know if it worked at all. The tub is in pretty good shape and the inside it's immaculate since it has been covered all the time, I downloaded the user's manual online and we tried to get it to work but we couldn't, to bring a technician would be about $80 per hour plus parts if they need to replace any. My question is, for those of you who have hot tubs, how often do you use them? How much is the maintenance per month? Supplies cost per month? and would it be a plus to have a hot tub when we go to sell our house? I am debating about wether to have it repaired or not.
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    We have a hot tub on the back porch and we love it. When DH is home we use it a few times a week. The cost of chemicals isn't too high. The initial purchase of chemicals for us was approximately $50 but the chemicals last a long time. We purchased our hot tub about 2 years ago and I just now ran out of one of the chemicals we initially purchased. I really didn't see much of a difference in our electric bill, it was about $5 per month.

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    We are looking to get a hot tub at our new house..... I'm thinking $5 a month extra in electric is Great!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by parkwoodmom View Post
    We are looking to get a hot tub at our new house..... I'm thinking $5 a month extra in electric is Great!!!
    you definately should!!

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