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Thread: How do you organize?

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    Help How do you organize?

    I was going to buy a set of drawers for my baby son's room. But then I got to thinking of how much work it was and I was by myself....not easy! Then I got the inspiration to get a bookcase and just get bins for his clothes. that way when i do the laundry i can take all of his bins and put up his clothes as i fold them. I am so proud!!! I am going to do the same for my other son as well. I want some more ideas of how to minimize junk in my house like mail and toys. What are some ways you have saved money and cleaned out space?? Gimme some ideas!
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    #2 me dangit!
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    I loved and faithfully used a wall-hanging accessory bag. It went above the baby dresser and had pockets for all the hairbrushes, clips, buttpaste and everything else that you ever need to get a baby changed, cleaned up and doctored up. Kept everything out of baby's reach and a quick glance would tell you what you've run out of.

    Hanging closet-organizing racks (usually made of fabric) these are awesome when you don't have a lot of closet-shelf space. Great for diapers, clothes, pillows and blankets. (I use to have one in the livingroom closet for access to change of clothes and such instead of going all the way into thebedroom - and, because it was in the closet - the kids couldn't play with it)

    A big purse/diaper bag. LOL Silly - but I have 5 kids and a purse that can hold everything without it being cluttered (lots of pockets) is a godsent+: change of clothes, diapers, sippie cups, my wallet, keys and even blankets - an absolute necessity!

    An emergency stash of diapers, clothes, blankets, wipes in the truck/car (I bought a cute blue duffle bag - packed it and stashed it and there you go, never used it ... but always had it *just in case*)

    A framed list of Drs, daycare and other important numbers and addresses - pull it out and hang it on the wall next to the phone or fridge when needed. Great for when people babysit or even for yourself (Yeah, I always lost my address book/purse - so having their #'s framed saved me a headache...I didn't think of this until after child #3, regretfully)

    hmmm...what else.

    Baby socks get lost or ruined so easily that i found it's just so dang easier to buy a bunch of the same exact style/color and just keep them in a drawer...reach in, grab two...there you matching, no hunting, they're always there when you need them.
    Same thing with mittens/gloves.

    And, in that respect, I use to color-coordinate what child wore what color. My older two and younger two were very similar in size and I'd always get their clothes confused and put away in the wrong drawers. So one day I just decided that each had their own colors and I'd only buy shirts and pants accordingly and I instructed everyoen to do so when they gifted clothes. T gets green and orange, blue pants. B gets red and blue and brown pants. M gets pink and purple (ok - she's the only girl, she's easy) and the younger two are coordinated the same way the older ones are...
    Makes shopping a bit easier and definately all the laundry I do - I no longer need tags to tell me what size it is and who it belongs to.

    And I think that's it!
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    Congrats on getting the shelf deal up!

    My biggest downfall was receipts, they were everywhere and I was always loosing them which made it super hard to balance the checkbook. So I got myself one of those desk spikes (mebbe not good for a house w/kids) and set it on my desk. Now I just stick them on the spike when I get home and when our statement comes in I have everything I need sitting in one place

    My mail is kept pretty simple. We bought me a cheap-o shredder and everyday I come home and immediately shred the crap mail (c.c. offers/insurance offers). My bills get opened and I write the date due and how much is due on the front of the envelope then set them (in date order) in an old napkin holder that lives on my desk. That just leaves very little misc. mail that I can usually pile on my desk and deal with once a week (policies, cards, etc).

    For toys I have a "one in one out rule" that every child that's lived with me has had to follow. If they get something new something old has to go to charity. It's not a bad idea to once a year go through the toys like right before Xmas for "all the new stuff" they'll get-- makes it more appealing for the kids to want to participate in giving to the needy.

    If you really want to get organized check out the show "neat" that's hosted by Helen Buttigieg (my hero)'s on Discovery Home and she's got some awesome ideas and works miracles with people's homes

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