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Thread: Packing supplies???

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    Question Packing supplies???

    I am in need of packing paper/ newspaper/ bubble wrap or anything that I can use to pack up my breakables... I haven't sold my house yet but I am trying to stage it until then... Or else I would use my wash clothes towels and everything else around the house to pack my things in.. Does anyone know where I can get anything... cheap or free????
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    Try searching craigslist or free cycle.

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    if there's a place that rents uhauls near you they probably have the supplies. they're not super cheap though. i really liked the dish packs they had and the wardrobe boxes (with the bar inside to hang stuff).

    also, you could ask people for old newspapers and use those to wrap stuff and some stores will give you boxes if they have them.
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    If you have a recycling center near you, you can go there and get stuff super cheap. You should be able to do a google search and find one near you. a Grocery store may give you boxes if you ask nicely. Or ask Neighbors or friends to save their newspapers for you for a few days, you will have alot of those in very little time.
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    Freecycle and I recently discovered some on overstock
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    I just saw a package on budget but that was more for boxes. It was 100 dollars for this gigantic package.

    Do you have a dollar store by you? You could do bubble wrap there. or the other thought is a UPS store and just buy a couple huge bags of those 'eggshells' and wrap your breakables in newspaper?

    the other thought is towels, sheets, blankets from around the house?!

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