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Thread: Share your favorite

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    Hello Share your favorite

    Dinner recipe!! I'm trying to become miss susie homemaker, but I can never think of something to cook that we haven't had 83792387593 times. lol.

    P.S. Im baking right now!! ME!! BAKING!! LOL...banana bread...mmm smells goooood...
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    I like to make cabasa, rice and snow peas
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    Honey Mustard baked chicken with green beans (cooked with butter and garlic powder) and creamy potatoes (shoestring fries, cheese, sour cream, and cream of potatoe soup all mixed together and baked) is what we had as his going away diner.
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    Our favorite dinner is sashimi grade tuna sliced and eaten raw with boiled shrimp. Yummy. As a matter of fact that will be DH's homecoming dinner.

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    Have you ever had chicken ala king? My father loves it and it's good on toast. Boiled chicken and pull off the meat. Boiled rice. Mix the meat and rice with some cream of chicken. Put on toast. Not elegant but it's good. (My dad has some GI problems and this is a very bland meal. But you can spice it up!)

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