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Thread: Do you have a color theme

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    Do you have a color theme

    For your whole house or just themes for each room?

    Like my bathroom and bedroom are light blue, my kitchen is pink and white, the livingroom well isnt done yet lol, and the boys room is spongebob and cars.
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    kitchen is just white, living room is all kinds, Jacob's room is all sports, Kai's is dinasaurs, ours is elephants, one bathroom is rubber duckys,. and ours is elephants
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    Living room is black, cream, burgundy and walnut.

    Ethan's room is Mickey and cherry wood

    Master room is walnut, cream & navy blue

    Office is baseball memorabilia

    Spare room...haven't decorated it yet.
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    Well, I live in an apartment, so I haven't painted anything, but the decor in the living room is brown furniture with burgundy and black accents. My kitchen is done in italian stuff... grapes, wine.. etc.. my bedroom is pink and cream, bathroom is blue and brown and Wyatts room is decorated in fire trucks and police cars.
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    we're still decorating.
    living room is black white and blue/gray
    our bedroom is dark brown and deep red
    mast bath-brown, blue and cream
    kitchen-lots or reds-italian theme
    spare bed-dunno yet lol
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    So far the only rooms Ive really started and finished are the bathrooms.
    Our bedroom and master bathroom are Red
    Kids bathroom pink and a light green
    downstairs half bathroom is decorated in Post Secrets
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    Every furniture in my home is dark wood, mainly espresso color. All the walls are white though.

    My living room has sage color couches, burgundy accessories, and cream color carpets.

    My kitchen and dining room has the same color as my living room since they are attached and i want the colors to carry throughout the house.

    My downstairs washroom is burgundy and purple.

    Upstairs bathroom is a skyblue, brown and white stripes.

    My bedroom changes colors every so often depending on the the comforter i am using.

    The girls room is mainly pink in disney princess theme.

    Lamonts game room is navy blue color with things he's collected here and there since he's been in the navy.

    My Bella!
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    kitchen is red and black with calico cats
    dining room is gold, but changes with the seasons
    living room is blues
    bedrooom is blues and stars & moons
    bathroom is the white rhinestone set by nicole miller
    spare bedroom is white curtains with blue bedspread

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    alllllll of my colors and everything in my house like flow together and match. I am SO OCD! I am talking towels to kitchen appliances and dishes to my bedding Im weird
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    each room is different. my living room is based on the posters of those pinup girls sitting in the different kinds of martinis, like mermaid martini, red hot martini, etc...know what i'm talking about? the walls are this gorgeous yellow and i have deep green couches.

    kitchen was supposed to be palm trees, so that's what my plates and bowls are, but it's decorated more in a martini fashion.

    guest bath and both bedrooms are empty right now.

    my master bedroom and master bath are pink and brown themes
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