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Thread: Stupid Washer

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    Bang Head Stupid Washer

    Won't work!

    It's just now 3 years old. A whirlpool. Decent enough because we paid $500 for it. I think the warranty is done.

    It fills up with water, then just STOPS. Something is not letting it go into the wash cycle or spin out.

    DJ jimmied it and did his laundry before he left and oh so considerately didn't do any of mine (i.e. PANTIES! ) so I started the washer on a small load setting. It filled up. I jimmied around with it, got it wash, it spun out, then refilled to rinse and STOPPED. Now it won't farkin' drain!

    Any suggestions besides: Call someone. ??????
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    I would call the tech support if they have one I belive the warranty expires after 1 or 3 years.

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