Last minute gifts, anyone?

I've been using this company for Mother's Day for years . . . well, since I got married. LOL! I always get both my Mom and Troy's Mom flowers delivered, because they hardly ever get flowers. LOL!

Anyways, I just got an e-mail newletter from them again this holiday season, saw poinsettias and had to send them to our Moms!!! Especially with my Father-in-law passing away this last September, I thought she'd enjoy a little holiday cheer. Btw, although they're way cheaper than everyone else on the internet that I've seen . . . it does not affect the quality at all. If anything, they go a little further.

Every year, our Moms call us and gush with gratitude of such beautiful flowers they've received. (Of course, I'm not going to tell them that we didn't spend almost $100 on them, but you know . . . I think they love thinking that we did. LOL!)

Anyways, here's the website: Flowers 99 (They only deliver in US & Canada, though. They're really friendly and helpful.)