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Thread: Where to look for rentals?

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    Where to look for rentals?

    In general, how do you go about hunting for rentals in a new area? We are way, way out from him actually getting even verbals, but I'm hoping to research a few possible locations, just to get feel for things in each place and because it makes me feel some sense of control about the upcoming move, I guess. I've been looking on Zillow, but their listings seems pretty limited. It's been a long time since we had a CONUS move, and I've sort of forgotten how to do this!
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    I guess part of it depends on where the locations you are looking into. I know some duty stations you find a flex of homes when schools end and when they start because of a rotation of students. We are 18 months out for the next tour and even I am starting to look to see what prices look like and all just to get a feel. Also with the new policy coming out about PCSing and holding back to let school finish for kids might change things. If you are this far our like I am i think its more just getting a feel of the cost and what you can afford and willing to pay for certain things. I think like getting on Facebook pages of either the locations as you get closer to narrowing things down or on the naval aviation or navy spouses page people might be able to help too.
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    Depends on the location. In some places you can find rentals listed on the MLS, so I would use something like You can also try looking up property management companies in the location and look through what they offer. You can even try craigslist.
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    I love using craigslist for rentals. That's how we found our last place and our current place. I prefer to rent directly from the owner rather than a large company when possible and craigslist is usually the place to find that!
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    I try to find someone who knows the area, and get an idea for what areas I would like. I don't trust Craigslist, too many scammers
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    I googled property management companies in our city and looked at their listings, I found a decent amount that weren’t listed on Zillow. Craigslist can be good too but you do have to be careful and sort through a lot of garbage.
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    I like Zillow and Padmapper, but found that was it getting more and more AirBnb last time I looked. is also good (and other Canadian sites that are probably useless to you )
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    I love Hotpads and have found my past few rentals on there

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    I really like asking people that I know that already live there. That way, if there are sketchy neighborhoods or places I should avoid, they'll (hopefully) let me know.

    My method might be a long shot for you, since I know a lot of PCS moving involves new states and new people, but maybe if there is a spouses group or a facebook group for where you're headed (or even something like or Yelp), it could be worth it to ask for recommendations. I have found quite a few places through a friend's recommendation!
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    I ask around town. When we lived in Kansas it seemed that they didn’t know how to post their rentals on websites or apps, it was all word of mouth.
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