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Thread: Camp Pendleton: On or Off Base Housing?

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    Camp Pendleton: On or Off Base Housing?

    My fiance and I are getting married in December and are considering whether we should live in on or off base housing. We are getting mixed reviews from everyone we have asked. It's going to be just us, no kids and none for a while. Any advice or suggestions would be great! We really want a 2 bedroom if possible either way. We would have family come visit every now and then.
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    This isn't a one-size-fits-all answer. Make a list of what is most important to you. Good commute? Access to shops and restaurants (and do you count the on base things, or not)? Great floor plan? Space? Privacy? Saving money? Then look at what you can get off base and see whether you'd spend more than BAH (remembering that you need to factor in utilities, and summer a/c bills can be crazy in that area).

    Also, in general, the higher the rank and the smaller the family, the worse of a deal base housing becomes because you give up more BAH for less house. So your DH's rank plays a part in this as well.

    We are currently living in base housing, and only because it is 100% required. This has simply confirmed what I believed all these years. It's not the right choice for us and I ca't imagine a scenario where I would ever choose to do so again. Everyone knows everyone, and some people love the small town feel of that. It makes me feel like I live in a fishbowl and I hate it. Also, I like picking a house with a floorplan that works well for our little family (no kids) and for the way we live in and use a space.
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