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Thread: I live in a fish bowl.

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    Oh! And I'll PM you soon about the next time we are supposed to travel to see DH. Nolan and I will have nothing to do during the day so we can maybe explore a bit together.
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    You don't always need to put a full blown conversation in but even at a publix you might run into someone you know. You just never know.

    One day my husband was graduated from a very tough program and I was at the commissary running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get everything I needed since his family was coming into town for the ceremonies and all. I kept cutting this poor lady off...I apologized and all...I wasn't being rude it just happened to feel like every time i turned a corner she was there. So in the check out line she is behind me..and I apologized explained I'm trying to get everything ready. She kindly said she knows that feeling and that her husband went to the same school and just left my husbands now command. I thought oh good I won't be seeing her again after making an ass out of myself. Well I saw her again. Months later I am sitting at her kitchen table not knowing who she was and as I was sitting there I figured out where I had remember her from. Oh I felt like an idiot.

    So while you don't need to be buddy buddy with these people it never hurts to say "morning" or some kind of greeting when you see them. Don't seek them out but in passing in a isle or in the parking lot. You don't need to be a stepford wife and always look perfect. Even when I am in a bad mood and see people I know I still give them a Hi or something. To me that's just basic curtsey and manners.
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