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Thread: Comcast? Century Link? Intertubez

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    Comcast? Century Link? Intertubez

    Does anyone here have Comcast or Century Link? What is/was your experience with them? What internet speed do you have for your house? I'm moving in to my new apartment Monday and they're the providers for the area. I don't know much about Century Link, and I've only heard horrible things about Comcast

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    We had centurylink and they were okay. A little expensive but overall not bad. The only thing that pissed me off about them is we had to cancel because we moved to an area where they don't service and I confirmed with 3 different representatives that we wouldn't have to pay a cancellation fee since they didn't cover the new area and they still tried to charge a $200 cancellation fee. They felt pretty dumb when they pulled 3 chat logs showing they told me differently so their customer service is a little questionable but the internet itself isn't horrible.

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    You might want to check into Ting. If they are up and running you would get great speed (I can only dream about great speed). Ting Is Launching a Fiber Internet ISP in Charlottesville to Compete With Comcast | Motherboard
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    We had Centurlink in the last house here. I really don't know the speed or anything and it was a bundle so I'm not exactly sure on the bill amount for just it-we were still under a special when we moved. But we never had an issue with it. Never lost signal or anything. We have another provider now cause they don't service this house and I want Centurylink back. Comcast....we had them for several years and never had an issue. Then, we moved here and they pissed me off. They wouldn't even come out to see if they serviced our old house. It was like too much of a hassle and they'd rather just take the loss of having us as a possible customer. So I said effff them and didn't even attempt to call them when we moved.
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    We have comcast. I like it. There were tons of glitches in the beginning while we got set up but we have not had any issues since. TV is great, internet speed is fast.
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    We've had both and I hated them equally.

    Comcast had horrible customer service, but worked fine. The speed was fast. Century Link was just janky. We had tons of problems with it, but it was only one of two choices in Beaufort. They kept hiking up our bill and the internet worked intermittently.

    We just got AT&T U-verse here, for internet, and it's fantastic.
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    I have Comcast internet and I forget the speed, but I want to say it's the medium fast? The internet is generally fine, but their customer service is totally incompetent. We were having issues with the internet before DB deployed so he was trying to take care of it since he was home more while I was at work. Tech comes out, DB tells him the problem, and tech is like "oh it's probably X." DB told him "no it's definitely not X." Argument ensued. Tech then said well let's try X. DB at this point is like fine whatever. So they try X and tech is like great, you're all fixed, bye. DB told the tech he needed to wait for the router to come back online to make sure it was working. Tech refused and left. Router comes back online. Guess what? Not working So then I have to call Comcast back and tell them what happened and I'm all WTF send that guy back to the house, he shouldn't have left. And they're like "sorry, we can't get someone out there until next Thursday." WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFf

    So, they're fine as long as everything is working.

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    I had comcast and had to get rid of it when i started teleworking...the connection kept dropping on and off all day making it impossible to work. I have verizon now and i love it. never heard of century link though.
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    I don't know about comcast. But I dislike CenturyLink.
    Customer service is okay. Speed is mediocre. Signal can be spotty.

    Idk, I play a particular game kinda competitively so I may focus on the bad of this ISP :[ and considering the main game server is based in Georgia I shouldn't have this issue of FPS and ping being unstable.

    If you mostly want to use it for downloads/streaming tv/etc it'll do its job. You might get the common Internet hiccups where it plays then stops even if you pause and wait for it to "buffer" it will still do its hiccup.

    (Also, most of our Internet issues happened over the weekend. They won't come out til Monday even then they're fully booked til Thursday)

    If you or spouse do gaming online I'd say don't get it. Especially if one of you games and the other streams at the same time.

    We're never getting an apartment that has a contract with an ISP again. Lol
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    We have Comcast xfinity. I like it. Customer service sucks, but the speed itself is good.
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