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Thread: On-base? or Off-base?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bars_and_bodegas View Post
    Personally, I prefer on post housing specifically at the installation we are at. The cost of living here is high. It made more sense for us to use DH's BAH to pay for rent and all of our utilities, as opposed to paying $1,000 (which is most of his BAH, for the same house we are in now) in rent alone off post. They put DH and I in a 3 bed, 2 bath -- which is huge for just us! And we get $100 back every month because signed up during a promotional period. But it's nice, because it feels like a real house, compared to places we've lived before . Plus, IMO, living on post here just feels a little safer than some neighborhoods around town.
    This is how I feel.

    Here, the cost of living here is very high and we probably would've had to pay out of pocket for our utilities during the winter months. We have lived in base housing at the last three bases DH has been stationed at and I prefer it to off base housing. I never really feel like I'm surrounded by the military when I'm here on base. Sure, I guess it is a little annoying that i have to show ID every time I go home. But, I do feel safer here because of the 100% ID checks. Living on base has always made things easier for us. I don't have to worry about bills. They are fine with us having large dogs. I don't have to do yard work. When something breaks, they send someone right out to fix it. On base the gym, grocery store, etc. are really close by.

    As DH and I get older, I don't think we will always chose to live on base. But for now, it's a good fit for us.

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    BAH is a bit difference on it. When we were junior enlisted, living on base was the best. We had a 3 bedroom home for about $500 a month. You can't beat that downtown. Added it was a min of a 20 min drive to base. As a younger couple, that saved a boatload of gas, ect.

    Here, we lived downtown for 4 years and moved into housing for our last amount of time here. I liked being farther out and being away from base; but, being on base is nice now as we don't have to worry about heating and all the utilities. That is always good.

    Being either either location is how you make it. We NEVER felt like we were surrounded by work when living on base. that stayed at work as much as possible. It is all about your attitude on that too. We just never let it happen. We also just minded our own business. With that said, being on housing here at Ramstein can be a bit different as we are in an apartment and this one has been a little bit different than the duplexes. We have less parking and we have a family that has 3+ cars and take all the spots. It gets old to see that.
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    DH and I will never choose to live on base, we prefer to separate ourselves from work. Right now we have to live onbase because everyone has to here and we do not like it at all.

    We are dual mil E-5 and E-6 with 1 dependent and are in a tiny 2 bedroom house, so for us we would be able to get a much larger place if we didn't have to live on.
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    As I always say to most.. its a personal choice.
    What one prefers, another doesn't.
    Someone may like on base, another doesn't.. you could be one or the other.

    I always say one has to live on base to decide if they do or do not like it. You cannot know if you like or dislike something until you have tried.

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