I'm not quite sure I've put this in the correct thread. If not, I apologize.

So, DH and I have about a two weeks left here in Georgia before we head out to Texas. It is exciting and a little nerve wracking at the same time. We've got all the paperwork in place and whatnot, but I still feel a bit confused regarding the process of on-post housing. What is the normal process for on-post housing?

We are on the waiting list and moving up pretty quickly. However, I'm not sure if we will be at the top of the list by the time we get there. One of the things confusing me started confusing me after I spoke with the waiting list manager. She said that they have houses that we are eligible for that are "available immediately". Another associate that I spoke with said one of their communities has no waiting list. That seems to be true by what the manager said. Apparently, it's the neighborhood no one likes therefore no one wants to live there.

Now, my confusion is this... If we are still too far down on the waiting list by moving time and they still have "immediate available" housing, does anyone have knowledge as to what we should do? Should I just call them before we leave and ask if that neighborhood still has immediate availability and tell them we are interested? Any other advice for this process? Advice regarding Fort Bliss in general?