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Thread: Do you rent or own?

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    Own. Because we wanted to and the rental market is good and so is the selling market here. Plus I hated living on base and people charge way over their mortgage for rentals around here.
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    We own. DH bought low. We will be selling next quarter if we move, and will make money, so not complaining.
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    Both. We own a home in the States, but rent in Germany.
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    The house we live in we rent. We sold our house here in April because with DH up for orders we wanted to be able to take out of state or overseas if we got the chance. And we did so we move in a few months. We'll rent there because we will be taking as many orders in different areas as we can. We don't want a house to deal with. Either having to sell or rent it.

    We bought an investment property 8 years ago. That is the only rental we want. Really, we don't even want it as a rental. We just wanted it because God forbid something happen to DH I can easily afford the mortgage, it is in a good school district and right by family. Plus our kids can live there while in college and we can live there when we retire. Even if we don't pay extra on it to get it paid off early it will still be paid off before we retire.
  5. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
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    We own. Our house payment is less than what it costs to rent an equivalent space around here, and we were able to use our VA loan and tax credit so that was nice. Also it was a buyer's market so we didn't have to pay closing costs or anything.

    I'm not opposed to renting and it wasn't super important for me to be a homeowner or anything, it just made the most sense at the time. If we move I'd be open to renting again.
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    We rent because we aren't settling here and don't plan to move back when DH retires.
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    We live on base now but we want to buy at our next duty station, assuming we like the area and the market is good. I just want my own house, I don't want to rent forever.
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    We rent. Rent at this point is less than mortgage would be on a much smaller and older home. We are trying to get ourselves in the position to buy so that we can have a home of our own for our kids to grow up in. We do like that someone else is responsible for all of the major repairs. The AC has already gone out twice since we have been here and I cringe at the thought of what the bill was each time they had to have it fixed.

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    We rent because we can't commit to staying here. We go back and forth. It would absolutely make good sense to buy if we knew we'd be here at least a few years but we're not sure. I worry we wouldn't be able to unload it when we would need to because this area isn't exactly flourishing.

    We do want to own though, at the right time with the right house.
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    I'm sorry for the things I said when I was hungry.
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    Rent. I hate it

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