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Thread: Life on Base

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    Life on Base

    So, we're moving on base this weekend

    And this morning, I was just browsing 1800flowers, because I have a coupon I want to use for the holidays. I got to thinking - how does it work ordering from a place like that, can they come on base? Do we have to meet them at the gate?
    I know most of the pizza places around here hire sailors or dependents as drivers specifically so they have base access. But what about other delivery services? Or our pet sitter? Or people visiting?

    I don't really know how the logistics of it all works...

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    you can receive all deliveries on base. Fed ex, UPS, florists, ect.
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    I'm sure each post is different. At Ft. Campbell, anyone could enter through the main gate after getting a temp. pass at the visitor center before the gate. If you had family visiting for awhile, they could get a pass with you or your DH for a longer amount of time. If they are coming in with you in the same car, they might only need their license. Check to see if there is a place like that to ask questions
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    Thanks. I'll ask about the visitor passes when we pick up the keys tomorrow.

    I just realized I hadn't really figured out some of the practical stuff.

    Though we did the the firearms authorization worked out, there's a guy on base who takes care of all that and we just had to send him the pertinent information.

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    Other than fed ex and UPS, We always have to sign on delivery people here.
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    Here, I think, there were specific companies that were authorized to delivery on base. I remember DH complaining that he couldn't order dinner from somewhere because their drivers weren't authorized on base....
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    Depends on the base it seems like. I never had to do anything to receive any type of delivery.

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    Hope no one has to be moving in this cold weather. Next move I hope it's in the Spring!
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    1800 flowers unless they have a shop in your town will go through the base flower shop (IME)

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