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Thread: Any opinions on Ramona Vista military housing?????? PLEASE HELP :(

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    Bang Head Any opinions on Ramona Vista military housing?????? PLEASE HELP :(

    Here is the problem....Its pretty long so forgive me....
    Me and my husband and our 2 year old daughter Kaiden have been doing the military life for just about a year now so we are newbies. Last december my husband got orders to be at Naval Medical Center San Diego in two weeks after A school in Texas.

    Never setting foot in Cali ever we looked at the Lincoln hotsheet and we got into a three bedroom at GATEWAY VILLAGE. It turned out to be a beautiful home, the area is so nice and its close to hubby's work.

    The problem is that they take all of our BAH, and with him being an E-3 its a pretty substantial amount. Im looking for work but have been unsuccessful. Money is EXTREMELY tight, sometimes to the point where we have to decide if we are paying a bill or getting groceries. So we've been here about 8 months now and we are looking into moving. We would rather move into a non military housing but we are not able to save for the deposit and first month rent required. So back to the hotsheet. We only qualify for a two bedroom unless I become preggers which cant happen while things are so bad financially. As of right now the only thing that consistently comes up is Ramona Vista. If any other two bedroom comes up other families have priority over us because we are already in housing. The price of Ramona Vista is what tempts us but it is at least a 45 minute drive to the hospital.

    So I am here asking you lovely ladies your opinions on what we should do.Would you consider the move? Would you do it? Has or does anyone live there? Anything would help us out tremendously.
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    Anything you save in BAH you'll spend in gas for him to get to work. Plus the time in traffic it will take to get to and from work would be long. Wouldn't be worth it, or atleast to us it wouldn't. There are other communities that don't take all your BAH that are closer. I'd wait it out and see if one of those comes open. They should in the next few weeks.

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    On the job front, maybe think outside of the box. Is it possible to babysit or watch kids while parents work? My neighbor did that when her job at a local private school was cut due to budget issues. She watched a baby whose father is active duty and lives a block away and the mother worked at that school as a full time teacher. There is also a few spouses who do that with single sailor kids who can't get into the CDC or is on the list for the CDC. Also we have had dog walkers, hair stylists, nail techs, seamstresses etc who worked with small kids. If you are on base, maybe look into getting a job when your SO will be home and if he's not home, see if you can trade off days you work with someone else who will watch your child in lieu of babysitting on your days off? Did that while dh was a cop and a SAHM needed her breaks. She would watch our son (only child for a few years) for two, three hour overlap when I got off my manufacturing job.

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