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Thread: PCSing to Vilseck Germany

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    Question PCSing to Vilseck Germany

    So the husband my son and I will be moving to Germany in early September. I need some information on housing so that when we get there we have a place. I have no idea on who to get ahold of nor does my husband. I have tried to email two different addresses and both times I get a message back saying my email was permanently rejected???? I have been told that housing there is pretty packed so we would probably be put on a waiting list. If thats the case does the army provide a place for us temporarily? And if so do they pay for it or is that something that will come out of our pocket? Also how long will it take for our things to get there and if it isnt there when we arrive does the army provide furniture and all that good stuff until our things arrive?? Any information on anything would be much appreciated and helpful.
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    hi there! I'm not currently living in vilseck but my fiance has orders in september as well. as far as housing go to and go to either the newcomers drop down or the housing. there you will find housing by your pay grade as well as what they will cover as far as moving your stuff over. and i would just call instead of email! i waited a week for an email back before deciding to call and get it over with!
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    For most of your questions, I would suggest taking them to your local moving/transportation office on post. They will be able to address your finance questions.

    There is hotel-type lodging on post. Again, I would take those finance questions to your transportation office, they'll be able to answer them very thoroughly for you.
    The time for your goods to be sent to Germany will vary. For us, it took about 3-4 months for our last shipment to arrive. But again, bring those questions to your transportation office.
    Because you are moving OCONUS, the Army has loaner furniture and a lending office with basic household items like dishes, pots and pans, silverware, etc. Also, there is a self-help office on Graf (maybe even Vilseck...the posts are very close together and you will be using the Grafenwoehr PX and commissary) that basically "rents" out items such as 220 volt vacuums, paint brushes, weed wackers, drills, etc.

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