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Thread: What do you look for?

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    What do you look for?

    When renting a new house or apartment?

    Dh is getting out very soon and we will be moving back to his home state. So were searching for a new place. I feel like I might have to many things I want for our place.

    So can yall tell me what's on your list when you look for a new place?
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    All we were really looking for with our current place was air conditioning, and making sure there were no restrictions against big dogs.

    In the future I will require a dishwasher and washer/dryer IN UNIT. This laundromat business can smd, never again.
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    Since we are moving to Washington State in a month, we need to do the same.

    What I'm looking for:

    Fenced yard for dogs
    Close to DH's work
    Fireplace (I've never had one and reeeaaally want one)
    Bathroom with drawers and not tiny
    Kitchen with two sinks
    Washer/Dryer hook up
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    l look at the kitchen. I cook a lot, so I want a lot a of counter space. Also, how many bathrooms and how big are the bedrooms for the price you're paying. Do you have pets? Is there a yard to play in? Is it a safe neighborhood, would you walk in it at night? Where are the grocery stores/your job/places to eat/etc. in relation to the house/apt you're looking at?

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    A dishwasher is a must! Washer/dryer hook ups, cable ready, away from main streets, flooring must be nice. (Nice hardwood, tiling, or CLEAN carpet.)
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    My list right now is this.
    The place
    -Must allow pets. We have one cat and are thinking of getting a dog after a while.
    -Hook ups for washer and dryer or have them in the unit already.
    -Drawer space in kitchen and bathroom.
    -Some utilities paid.
    -Possibility to rent a garage.

    The area
    -Quiet area
    -20-30min from his school
    -Near the bus line
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    Must allow pets
    Good size bedroom. At our last apartment, our mattress took up basically the entire room.
    Washer/dryer hook ups
    Fenced yard (We have a mastiff, we can't keep her cooped up )
    Garage. If a garage is out of the question then there MUST be security cameras.
    Also if no garage, must have some kind of storage room.
    Kitchen counter space

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    Closet space!
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    We've moved & rented so many times, our list is/gets long:

    2 car garage
    Storage space (closets, cupboards, etc)
    2 baths
    3 bedrooms (master, guest & home office)
    decent kitchen w/ pantry
    Spacious living room
    Single story (finally this time-at our last house, the laundry was in the basement, 2 flights down! )
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    The big thing this time was washer and dryer hook-ups. Our last apartment had on site laundry, meaning we had to pay by the load. Yeah laundry got done 2 times a month on the 1st and the 15th. It was horrible. So no washer and dryer hook-ups was a deal breaker for us this time around.

    Some sort of outside storage is needed as well. DH has a few tool boxes that smell, well like tools. I hate it and I can't handle it if they had to be in the house. So we must have some sort of storage out side.

    We also look into the type of community it is. Is there sidewalks that we can walk on? Is it right next to a school playground or other places that can get noisy? If its an apartment, how much parking is there/will we have to park our cars on the street?

    Things like that we take very much into consideration.
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