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Thread: Decorating help

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    Decorating help

    [Not really sure where this would go sorry]
    So I'm trying to start to decorate our apartment. As I'm going through my things that I have of pictures and plaques ect I found my name plate( a framed piece of paper with the meaning of my name on it) My God mother gave it to me the year I was born so I've pretty much have always had it, but I've never had a place to display it.
    I came up with the idea to get one for DH and display them both together and eventually when we have kids get them for them as well.
    The problem is that mine is going on 21 years old, there's probably no way to get the same background. I don't know if I should get a different background for everyone when the time comes or try and get matching ones. I don't know if I should get myself a different one even. I like mine because of who it's form and how long i had it, not really the background on it. There's so many options and I don't know which one to choose.
    So can I get your opinions on it? How would you do it?
    (and not displaying it is not an option i have wanted to display the meaning of my name since i was 8)

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    I think different backgrounds would be ok. Maybe do matching frames...
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    I like the mis-matched look. Actually, nothing in my house matches. All my kitchen chairs are
    different, and they are all different colors. Though that is not for everyone. If you are a matchy
    type person go with matching frames. The backgrounds can show a sense of individuality of each
    person represented by their names.
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    If it were me, I'd go with the same frame but a different background for each name. Btw, that's a really cool idea.
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    I think different backgrounds would be fine as long as the general style is the same.

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