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Thread: Apartment question......

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    Apartment question......

    The apartment DH & I are looking at in TX is 580 sq. ft.

    Is that tiny? It's a 1 bedroom/1 bathroom. It's just me, DH & our two furbabies (fat cat & our puppy that is all of 5lbs).

    DH sent me the measurements for the rooms. We're looking to upgrade to a king bed if it'll fit. No dressers or tv in the bedroom (closet is big enough). TV in the living room will be 37 in. All furniture will be gotten off CL, yard sales, Goodwill, etc when we get there, so no worries about fitting furniture we already have

    Ok, on to room measurements.....

    - living room 13x11
    - dining room 8x7
    - kitchen room 8x6
    - bedroom 10x11
    - bathroom 6x7
    - closet 6x4
    - utility room 3x9 (with W/D hookups)
    For a grand total of 580 sq ft

    Link to see floorplan......

    Crosswinds Apartments, 6617 Weber Road Corpus Christi, TX - Apartments for Rent on | Corpus Christi Texas | 17196
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    Do you have a tape measure? You can always mark it in a yard. For two people it might not be bad.
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    Ooof, that seems awefully tiny.
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    I think two people would be okay, but it might me on the tiny side.

    AMarineLovesMe is my wifey 10/5/11
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    definitely tiny. it seems livable for two people and two small animals, but make sure your furniture will fit!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MightyMouse View Post
    Do you have a tape measure? You can always mark it in a yard. For two people it might not be bad.
    Definitely mark it off somewhere so you have a real idea of the size. It's pretty small, our condo is 730 sq ft and when DH is home it's hard to escape one another
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    DON'T DO IT!!! Ours is 481 and it is stupid small. I can take pictures if you'd like, but oh my gosh. I know ours is 100 sq ft smaller than what you're looking at but still. I wouldn't.
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    Well we are looking at apartments around 600 but that's to save like 400$ on bah lol so it is a money saver and since it's just DH I we are in every room together right on top of each other anyway haha and I figure since it's long distance and were usually in a 250 squarefoot hotel room we usually do just fine
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    It will be tight but if you guys are okay with being on top of each other you should be okay. The biggest thing I would say is that you have almost no counter space. There are 24" runs, the corner by the sink and an 18" and that is it, plus no landing space on one side of the stove. If you guys like cooking you are going to hate that little space.
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    Our first one was 450 I think. It was small but it was doable. Our next one was 575 I think, still doable.
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