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Thread: Colorado or rent?

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    Colorado or rent?

    we have (tentative) orders to Fort Carson .....with also the potential for my hubby getting out winter next year......I'm torn - should I look for rental property for a year in case he does get out and we need to move for job or should I look for purchasing a home in case he stays in and/or gets a job?? Or should I attempt to get us on the list for base housing?
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    My sister and BIL live in CSprings and love it there. They bought a home almost a year ago and are planning on retiring there.
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    i would say buy buy buy, but I dont know your economic situation. Main question will be can you afford to keep it and try to rent it out for years after you leave?

    it is a great area!
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    No suggestions in that area but I just moved here 2 months ago and LOVE it.

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    It has small pockets of bad areas but, those are far and few between. It's a great area and you can get something a bit outside of the springs on the north side that's just gorgeous. Thing to remember is the Springs has Carson and two Air Force Bases. So, they're will always be a market to sell if you have to move.

    If you decide to go into base housing they've been building quite a bit there. A family member of mine just got into the new housing and it's gorgeous!
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