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Thread: Can I evict my landlady?

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    Can I evict my landlady?

    Two weeks ago I emailed my landlady about our dishwasher, which gushes water from the bottom when we run it and floods the kitchen. She said she would have it taken care of via the warranty on the appliance, but since it was Friday when I wrote her they wouldn't come until Monday or Tuesday. Fine. It seems like an easy fix, just a broken seal or something.

    Um. Two WEEKS ago. We've seen/heard from nobody. Sucktastic.

    Soooooo now, of course since my parents are coming tomorrow, our guest toilet has been running non-stop all day and it STINKS. Like a dirty, rotten vagina. It stinks up the whole front of the house. Should be an easy fix- all evidence points to a broken wax seal. So I emailed her tonight, she'll get it tomorrow, again on a Friday. Can she really say "they'll come on Monday or Tuesday" about a toilet that is potentially letting in sewer gas?

    I have no idea what the rules are when you rent a house. I've only rented apartments with their own maintenance crew.
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    Have you looked up your state's landlord/tennant laws? They are very clear and easy to understand and should provide answers. Usually, if it isn't an emergency (ac/heat/water not running to house, electrical, etc) they have so many days to fix it. And with emergencies so many hours/days.

    My ac was broken in my rental I had a few yrs back. It was the original installed with the house, and it just gave up!! NC was in the low 100's and i had an 8 month old. I called several times for a week and got no fix. Landlord said she would talk to her husband. I called the county housing authority and they said the landlord must fix it. I called her back, since he never takes the calls, and she said she would see. Two more days go by. I call the housing again, and they contact her. That same day it was replaced!

    You do have to constantly contact them. Try calling since you have the original conversation documented. Then start documenting phone calls. But check the state laws. Be persistent with her.
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    I agree with checking the law I got on an apartment complex about that stuff and the city ended up having to come out and cite them
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    I know in Apartments we have a certain amount of time to fix something. If it continues to break we have 4 chances to fix it then we have to replace it.
    I would keep a running log and print off all emails. If it is not fixed in an acceptable amount of time. I would certify a letter and list of items that need to be fixed with a deadline to fix it.

    if that deadline comes and goes then contact your local housing authority. They will then get into contact with her and make her fix it.

    I hope it all works out for you. I am sorry you are having to deal with this with family coming in.

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    check your state laws. in my area if my land lord does not have something fixed within a week of notification i can hire someone and deduct it from my rent
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    Make note of all of it. If I had company coming, I'd pull the toilet and replace the seal myself. It's not hard at all. Just get as much of the water out of it as you can first. If it's running and giving a smell, you have two issues, the running is the Ball set in the tank, the smell is the seal. The Ball set is an easy fix too... and doesn't cost much. Less than 15.00 I think.

    Call again on the dishwasher, and ask her if you can call a repair man, and deduct it. If you have to call again, tell her you are doing that.

    In my state, you can with hold the rent until things are fixed, you can't spend it, you can hold it, in a separate account from all others and not touch it. When she does fix these things, you must be able to produce all monies owed.
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    i don't get how anyone can feel okay doing that to somebody.

    i'm sorry OP!

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