I thought I bumped an old thread I made but I only edited it w/ an update, and so it didn't actually bump.. so here are the questions i had.

First of all, we got hard copy of orders yay, check in 30 jan!
secondly, we put an offer on a house, they countered, and we're accepting their counter

The only thing keeping us from getting this house is if the appraisal value is less than what we offered. Has anyone used a VA loan and had the appraisal come lower than what they're asking for the house? What did you end up working out with the seller?

which is another question...

We are asking over selling price because we can't afford to put anything out of pocket for closing costs. The earnest money and inspection will be easy, but to even do 3% closing costs would be too much for us. We tried doing the VA NO NO Loan bu they weren't having it. They didn't even want to split CC (closing cost) even though they said they were willing to work W/ a VA loan! ugh. anyway, my question is:
was anyone able to loan more than the appraised value by VA?
we are working w/USAA and they never give DH a straight answer on the phone. every time it's different.
we're offering them more as an incentive to pay all CC. They like this offer, we just have to do ppr work to document we'll be working with this offer.

we love this house. i'll share pictures when its not a bad omen anymore...lol