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Thread: Transfering Utlities in HIS name

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    Transfering Utlities in HIS name

    We're going to be closing on a house next month and DF is leaving for deployment before then. so we're setting up the POA so I can handle the inspections, insurance, and closing. Then last night I was thinking about the utilities. We keep everything in his name since the house is solely in his name. I'm just wondering how hard it would be to do the transfer for him??

    So have any of you moved and done utilities in your DF/DH name? Did you need the POA for that as well? We're renting the old house out and I thought there was a different way those had to be handled. I just don't want to run into all kinda of problems while he's gone. I manage the accounts now but my name isn't on them at all. Typically if I have a question I just refer to him as my husband and they don't say anything but wasn't sure if they would treat it differently for setting up new service.
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    General POA should work. Most utlities have been in my husbands name and I have always been the one to start up or cancel them and I did it all with a poa.

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