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Thread: Should we buy another house?

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    Should we buy another house?

    My husband's stationed at New River, NC. He's getting transferred back to his old unit by the end of the year, at Camp Lejeune, which is about 25 minutes away. We just bought our house last June which is right by the Air Station, but if he gets transferred, we're looking into buying a new house closer into town. I go to school on Camp Lejeune- the only reason we bought a house by the Air Station was because he was supposed to be there for three years. So with gas and everything, it'd be more convenient to live closer to Lejeune. Problem is, he'll only be there for the next 2 years- he gets out January 2012. Would it be worth it to buy if we'll only be there 2 years?? Or should we just rent?
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    no!!! do not buy for only 2 yrs.

    I know the area is hugely military and you may not have a hard time selling BUT it is selling it for what you bought for that may be hard.

    and as for the house in your in now- have a realtor come and do a Comparable market Analasis to determine what you might be able to list your house for.

    I would tell you ( unofficially) to rent closer to the base in a place that you will be comfortable in for 2 yrs.

    check out this link for great information:

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