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Thread: So you want to buy a house

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    Neener So you want to buy a house

    ...........we're thinking about making that big purchase and i just want to make sure i'm aware of all the things that we're responsible for before we get out there in the market. So tell me girls....all the things you have to pay for from down payements to closing costs to water and garbage.

    let me have it!

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    IF you're going to buy a house... I'd wait until next year. The housing market is supposed to hit an all time low. You'd have more time to save up, and you'd get a cheaper house. Double win!
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    If you go VA you don't need a down payment and you won't have to pay PMI if you don't have the 20%.

    We had the 20% so we didn't use the VA. On top of the 20% we paid an extra 5,000. This included closing costs and inspections we had done. If you don't have the money to pay for the closing costs and inspections and whatever else could pop up then you'll be back at not having 20% (if you did have the 20%) so you'll be paying PMI.

    The amount for trash depends. In FL. it was included in the property taxes. In Ohio it isn't. And here it is included with our water bill. You'll have to check out that area. And they usually have different plans (different trash can sizes and if they'll be picking up yard waste).

    Here we pay 58-63 for water and trash. In Fl. we paid normally 28 for water. I'm not sure what our tenant pays for trash in Ohio and we have a well so he doesn't pay for water.

    I would recommend having your loan, insurance and taxes all billed together so you don't ahve to worry about the insurance and taxes in 1 or 2 lums sums. You pay it over time. We do that and it is soooo nice.
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    we are thinking of buying also and the whole process just seems so massive to me i cannot comprehend. It seems easier to just buy a lot and build to me, cause i know how to do that. but i don't know if we can afford that route.

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