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Thread: Stamping

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    Do any of you ladies do Stamping? I think I am gonna start doing that too since it seems to be less complicated than scrapbooking. I think I will start out buying a set instead of buying everything separately too.

    Does anyone know of some good online places to get stuff cheap? I found one place online that looks pretty good but I wanted to have some other places too and I know ebay would be good too.

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    One thing I try to do is buy a *lot* of namebrand stamps or punches or whatever from ebay (like stampin' up, etc), keep what I like, and then resell the rest as a *lot* as well. This really cuts the total cost for me of the ones I keep. One time, I even made a profit!
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    Depends on the kind of stamps you're after. Try Micheals, they often put theirs on clearance and I found quite a few larger sized ones at the bottom of a clearance bin for a buck fifty each. I like pigment inks best, for some reason dye based and I don't get along well. It's usually a personal thing though. Try the big name craft stores, some of the smaller ones will have sales as well, though usually not as much of a discount. Walmart, Target and all them usually have a section as well. One tip, look for stamps you'll use more than once. I have a bunch I may only use once and when you bring the cost into it, it drives me a little batty.
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    I do. I get mines mostly at Michaels. They have tooons of cute (small) ones on the $1 rack and for the rest you can use their 40% discount Have fun

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