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Thread: Converting pictures?

  1. eeyore_adw
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    Help Converting pictures?

    Does anyone know how to convert scanned pictures from tag to jpeg or something like that?
    I scanned some wedding pics to my computer but they won't load on any sites, and photobucket says its a tag file instead of jpeg or one of the other accepted types.
    I'm not sure what happened, I've scanned hundreds of pics using the same pc and scanner and doing it the same way as always.
    Any help will be appreciated!
  2. eeyore_adw
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    i didn't realize that the USSR was back.
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    have you recently changed your default program for pictures? i had a similar problem I wanted to upload a few videos onto photobucket from movie maker and couldn't get it to work, but had done it previously, only to remember i had to first burn it to a cd then copy from the cd. also are they going to the same folder?

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    I'll check that out......could be , I'm not the best with computer stuff sometimes. I also found a program online that you can download for free, and all you do is select your doc/ect.. and choose what you want to convert it to, and it converts it in just a few seconds.
    Thanks for the advice!

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