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Thread: My latest brainstorm

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    My latest brainstorm

    Last summer, when I was at my mom's, I managed to get my hands on two boxes full of old family pictures. Some are of my immediate family and many are of generations past. I have been going through them and was frustrated by the lack of any notations on the pictures as far as who/what/when/where - after trying to describe a picture or two to my mom and then scanning and e-mailing them a couple at a time (in the hopes that she might know) I had an ah-ha moment today. I am now in the process of scanning all of them and uploading them to a Snapfish account. I have provided the login info to my mom, my sisters and my aunt (family history buff) so that everyone can access the pictures, order copies of the ones they might want and, best of all, add the captions if they have any details about the pictures in question. Not only will I hopefully get the info I want (to be able to put into the scrapbook I am doing with the pictures) but everyone else can order copies themselves instead of asking me for a copy of this picture or that. I just hope that we can come up with at last names for some of the pictures (the ones from WAY back) because almost everyone from the next eldest generation has already passed - those who would be most likely to know about the pics :-(
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    Sounds like you have a great project on your hands!!

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