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Thread: crochet question

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    crochet question

    So I am making my Christmas presents early this year so I don't get so stressed out. I just finished a hat and I thought it would be fun to have one of those balls on top. Except I've thought and thought about it and I have no clue how to go about it. I figured I would google it and post this here and hopefully, somewhere a light will shine down from heaven, the angels will sing, and someone will tell me what I'm doing.
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    I would wind yarn around a piece of cardboard about twice the length I would want for actual length of each yarn piece of the poof. Once enough was wound up, slide it off carefully, tie another piece of yarn around the middle leaving enough length to use to tie into hat. Fold over the wound pieces and cut all the loops. Trim shorter if necessary. You might need to experiment with the amount of yarn to wind to ge the size of poof you want. Hope this all makes some sense. I can't recall the last time I made a poof ball, but I do make tassles for blankets in a similar way, just longer pieces and less yarn.
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    Thanks! I understand. I'll give it a try tonight. Nothing better to do here at work.

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