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Thread: Scrapbookers!

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    Help Scrapbookers!

    Hi there! With DB gone and me in between school sessions, I've found I need a hobby to kill some time. I decided that I'd take up scrapbooking, only because everytime I've ever seen the pages that people make, I think they're so cute. I recently went down to a scrapbook store here in town, and I bought a few things to get me started on my first page (paper, stickers, etc.) but I'm a little confused as how to actually start on a page to get it to look as cute as the ones I've seen. I've noticed there's a lot of layering (if that's what you call it) involved. I think I just need some pointers on how to get started/ideas/any help that anyone can give. I'm hoping I can take a lot of pictures of my summer and things happening around town to put in the's something that I want to give to DB after AIT, so he feels like he hasn't missed anything whie he was away. I know he's very homesick and he'd love somethng like this. Ha, I think he loves any silly craft thing I do. Anyways, like I said, any help that anyone can give me on getting started would be great! Thanks so much. xoxo
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    Something that really helped me start was buying a scrapbooking magazine and getting ideas from there.

    Good luck!!!!!
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    ditto on the scrap magazines for inspiration
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    You can also google "scrapbook layouts". I've found many an idea that I've "scraplifted" and made my own.
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    I was thinking of taking scrapbooking classes for the same problem. I have been scrapbooking for about a year, but I want my pages to zing a little more. Good luck sweetie!!

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