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Thread: candle making

  1. Crystal
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    candle making

    Does anybody here make candles? I am looking for a couple good sites to order stuff from. I also wanted to know if you used a double boiler or a roaster pan? TIA
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    I don't, but I'd like to know more about it!

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    It really depends on which kind of candle that I make if I use a double boiler or just a standard saucepan. Most of the time I make the gel candles, which are easier than beeswax. I don't buy anything of mine online, we have a craft store 15 minutes down the road that I go to, to buy my stuff. The one thing I can say is difficult about candle making is that it is hard to get the candles to burn the smell. If you find a way to do it better, let me know. Hope this was a little enlightening for you.

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