I may have overdone it. And it's hardly Easter-y except for the 6 pack of "beer bunnies". I made everything for the guy I'm seeing and since he likes beer, I went with a beer theme. There are two customized beer mugs, two candle votives, the types of beer sign, and the beer (two different types that he likes).

I am SO glad to be done with these projects since the sign and mugs especially were a pain in the butt. My Silhouette Cameo blade kept eating the vinyl while it was cutting which resulted in me yelling at it multiple times. I finally fixed the problem by cleaning the base of the blade since it had sticky residue from past vinyl cuttings.

The mugs have his last name and below it says "Perfectly Poured." I'm happy with how everything turned out and he loved his goodies.

I might go back to the store to pick up a couple of beer mugs for myself since those were perfect for etching on and they've got a good weight to them.