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Thread: So Frustrated!

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    Bang Head So Frustrated!

    I am so mad. Yesterday we went to an Alpaca Ranch's Christmas Open House and I bought the most beautiful knitted scarves for my mom and MIL. PLUS a wonderful skein of yarn to make a small scarf for me.

    Well, I must have done something seriously wrong, because as I was trying to unravel the skein, it has wound up in a huge tangled ball of mess.

    I spent over an hour last night trying to untangle it all. Then gave up for the day. I won't have time to mess with it again until later tonight. And I'm so pissed, because I could have FINISHED that scarf last night! grrrrrrr.

    And this isn't any old skein of yarn. 3.75 oz cost me $26!!!!
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    Sometimes, it's just better to set it aside, but I can only imagine how disappointed you must be.

    It will go better tonight.
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    grrrr don't you hate when that happens? I also hate when my yarn rolls all across the room. has this cool yarn bowl that keeps it all in the same place. Adding it to my christmas list

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