I made these instead!!!!

It's a combination of being lazy, getting a bad case of carpal tunnel every time I crochet, my sewing machine being busted, and being unsure how I want to go about making these gifts. So I keep dragging my feet about it even though I'm supposed to be making my mom a crochet ear warmer (and possibly some other warm things since she's in Alaska), a sweater/hat set for a friend back home, a purse for my Nan, and an thingamajig for her husband to keep his mouth closed when he sleeps. I terribly dislike Christmas. well, the gift giving part. It's such a pain. I never know what to get/make anyone because I hate buying/making something and then it sits on a shelf collecting dust.

But yeah, I think the bracelets are gonna hang out in my Etsy shop because I have no use for them. Unless I wanna play dress up with DD or something lol.