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Thread: Hobbies with your SO

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    Hobbies with your SO

    What are some hobbies that you share with your SO? I'm trying to find some healthy things that DH and I can do together. The only thing is that they really need to be inside activities for now; Germany's having some of its heaviest rain right now, it's ridiculous.

    I like to read, he doesn't.
    He loves games like scrabble, I don't.
    We'd both love to go outside and hike or bike ride but it's just not possible. And our hobbies need to be relatively cheap because we're kind of broke.

    Thanks for sharing, guys

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    We love to cook together, go for walks/hikes, watch marathons of our favorite shows, hockey, refinish furniture... lots of stuff!

    Would he like it if you read to him?
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    We like to work out together and we do a lot of it indoors too, so maybe there is that depending on how much space/equipment/etc. you guys have. We also like to play video games together.
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    Cooking, watching NCIS, nerd stuff - we don't necessarily like the same nerd stuff...but we've got our nerd-isms, Disney!
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    Video games! We're playing borderlands right now.
    We build model kits together (not cheap though), read, cook, bake, organize the house. Go for walks, check out what animals are at Petco (we like to imagine adopting more), watch tv/movies, window shop for expensive homes/furniture/electronics. Play board/card games, read silly stuff on the internet (cracked, etc), plan future vacations, find controversial/interesting things on the internet to argue about/discuss
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    "Well, if there's a bright center to the universe, you're on the planet that it's farthest from."

    We ride our Harley's together. Complete with Bluetooth mics so we can still chat.

    Other than that, we watch a lot of science fiction together.
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    Is there an indoor climbing gym close to you? Bowling? Drinking beer? Find a time when it's not raining and take your cute dog for a run!

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    I practice yoga and send him poses to do. When he gets back well do it together
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    DH and I both like to argue (not maliciously) so we'll educate ourselves on a given topic and then sit down for a couple hours to debate it. We've learned a lot about how each other think...we're also long-distance so it helps fill those gaps when we've run out of other things to talk about.

    When we're together we spend time doing a lot of outdoor things but if we're stuck inside we'll cook, watch movies, play games, or work on projects around the house.
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    It could be worse.
    We are both into firearms and target shooting.

    We both are into refinishing/building furniture.

    He likes to play soccer and I love to watch him play soccer.

    We like to hike and camp.

    I walk the trail around the lake and he runs laps around me.

    We both love fishing and camping.

    We also like board and card games and I'll play almost all of them except Monopoly with him (he and my daughter are crazy competitive with Monopoly!!)

    We like to sit out in the back yard around the fire pit and and beer or wine and contemplate life and generally talk about anything you could imagine.

    We love to cook and try to do a new recipe together a couple of times a month.
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