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Thread: Enlarging Dress???

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    Enlarging Dress???

    Okay so I got this:

    today at a great sale at the thrift store! I've always wanted one, but new ones are so expensive and I can never find one to fit
    cause I'm a chubster. This one is fairly close to fitting and since the beads aren't sewn over the side seams but just right up to them... I was thinking I could just rip them apart and insert something (I'm thinking black jersey, be easy to move in and everything) to make it bigger....

    Any thoughts/tips/ideas?

    I'm excited, but scared, lol. HELP!

    (wow, craptastic pic. sowwy )
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    it shouldn't be too hard if the bead work is not over the side seams. I'd just take a pair of seam rippers and got to to work. good luck

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