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Thread: Crochet ---> Knitting Pattern??

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    Crochet ---> Knitting Pattern??

    I am a pretty decent knitter and love doing it. Can read patterns, write my own simpler patterns, all that. What I cannot do is crochet. I've tried NUMEROUS times and just cannot figure it out. Bought books, watched tutorials, had friends try to show me, just can't do it.

    With that said, I found this adorable pattern Flower Power Baby Sandals Darling, right? Yeah, well, it's crochet I have a friend in South Africa who has a little girl and I've been searching for something cute to give her and haven't found anything that I like enough to send around the world. THESE are cute enough to send except I can't do it.

    So, my question is, is anyone good enough at both knitting and crochet to help me to convert the pattern into knitting? I'm dying to make these for Baby Karlien but I can't do it in crochet
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    Could you do these flowers or these flowers attached to these sandals? (I wouldn't use plastic bags for the yarn obviously, but the pattern seems fairly similar)

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    Will this help you? Converting Crochet to knit patterns

    Knit or Crochet Have It Your Way - Review of Knit or Crochet Have It Your Way by Margaret Hubert

    How to Convert a Crochet Pattern to a Knitting Pattern |

    One thing to think about is that crocheting something is going to be denser and knitted will be "floppy" in the conversion. You may need to use a heavier yarn or do some experimenting. TAKEN AT NISQUALLY WILDLIFE PRESERVE
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    Unfortunately I only know how to crochet and not knit XD. I learned how to knit a long time ago, but I've forgotten. -embarrassed face- If you don't mind me asking, is there something in particular about crochet that makes it difficult to learn? I don't mind giving tips if you're interested in trying again!

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