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Thread: Online Store Name?

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    Online Store Name?

    This could probably go either here or in the Handmade stuff forum.

    I recently have been selling lots of custom, hand sewn/knit items (cloth diaper related items, hand knit wool pants/shorts, stuffed animals, blankets, scarves, etc). Basically it's a huge selection of both knit and sewn items. I've gotten to the point where I'm ready to open up an etsy store or at least make a FB page to better keep track of everything and to post pictures/respond to people's requests without cluttering up my personal page.

    I originally was going to JUST do knit items on an etsy account but decided to expand. It took a while to come up wiht the first name I had - Two Needle Crafts Boutique - and design a logo -

    My question: Would it be misleading/confusing to use that logo and name for EVERYTHING that I'm selling or should I scrap it and try to come up with a more universal name (if that's you suggestion, any ideas)?

    Keep in mind that I'm not working under that name yet, purely off my personal page as myself, nothing else, so I don't have to worry about creating chaos to previous customers.
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    I think it's ambiguous to encompass sewing and knitting, both of which require needles to execute them. I do think "crafts" encompasses a bunch of products but wonder if it suggests polished homemade products?

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