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Thread: etsy/creating dog collar question... PLEASE answer por favorrrrrr

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    etsy/creating dog collar question... PLEASE answer por favorrrrrr

    soooo i've been looking to etsy for the past few years in getting my dog's collars because of the uniqueness of handmade designs... but i come up with an issue that differs depending on the maker/seller. they give sizes for dog collars with a range of adjustability, and i've in the past been able to ask for a custom range of adjustability that differs from their standard sizes they have chosen. but now it's happened twice where sellers say that they can't change the range of adjustabilities... and that confuses me if you are the one making it, why can't you just change the inches cut? and how come some sellers say they can create custom size range, and others can't?

    like, for example, the smaller sizes have a range of about 4 inches of adjusability. and as the sizes get bigger the range gets larger. why can i not have a 4 inch range for a bigger collar?

    anyways, i don't know much about sewing and creating and whatnot, so maybe if someone could explain to me that maybe i could understand better... but there still is the issue of why some can do the size range i ask for, and others can't...
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    I wonder if they are merely modifying a premade collar or leash?
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    Sometimes people make something they want to sell that they make in "bulk" with the only real customizing being colors or designs. In reality, changing a pattern in the way you are asking could be a bigger understaking depending on the design of the collar. The bottom line with such things is that many times people don't want to goto the effort that is required for a true customization at the length you are requesting because they are set in their own ways. Some people love the craft more than the product and will bend over backwards to make something that is exactly what the customer wants because they enjoy the challenge of the customization and because they relish the knowledge that they made something completely unique that there is only 1 of in the world.

    That is unless they are customizing ready-made products like Crystal mentioned. Because then they wouldn't be able to change a whole lot...

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