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Thread: any writers out there?

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    any writers out there?

    i hope this is the right place to post this! i want to hear from fellow writers. well, i'm not sure if i should say "fellow" because i am certainly no professional, nor was i specifically schooled in writing, literature, or english. i'm a year away from getting my undergraduate degree in an unrelated major, though it has required extensive paper writing. even if it is an unfamiliar topic, i still find myself somewhat enjoying putting together a research paper. honestly, if it wasn't for the time crunch of a due date for homework in said research papers, i'd probably enjoy it a lot more! i like forming ideas and putting words together, and i think it delights me more than the average person. even when it is an aforementioned topic that i don't particularly care for, i still like to make my thoughts flow and am very picky.

    however, i'm not so sure i would pick the research side of things to do in my spare time for "fun," and yet i do seem to enjoy writing in general... i feel like i always have these ideas in my head about plots, situations, turn of events... but they are always incomplete thoughts. a little secret of mine is i actually did start writing a book i would say like 3 years ago after a storyline stuck in my head for another year prior. but, like i said, it was very incomplete in execution... the setting and characters were all i had and a vague theme. i started writing and got maybe 10 pages in 6 months. and pretty much gave up since then, i had no idea where the story was going so it naturally came to a halt.

    lately i find myself pulled to the idea of writing again... maybe with the original story, maybe not. but sometimes i think that the fact that i don't have the whole story thought out in my head is an indication that maybe writing isn't as much of a passion as i may think. i know dedication to a novel can take years, and i wonder if i'm prepared for that. and how complicated it could get to stay authentic to some of the real world ideas i may use that would require separate research for accuracy.

    for you writers (maybe even some of you are writing novels?) did you have some sort of formal training? like in writing, literature, english, or some other means? how did you know your idea was worth pursuing? how did you develop your story prior to writing? i've read about different techniques such as knowing the end to your story before beginning so you know how to work towards the wrap up (something i obviously didn't do). anyways, share please and remember, i claim to be no more than an amateur, if that! it is only something i have toyed around with doing.
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    my degree is in writing, with a minor in creative writing, although i daresay my writing never improved due to school.
    i don't write very traditionally—i got in trouble a lot in school because i refused to draft, etc. i just write the shit that seems to stick in my head for a while. sometimes it turns into a full story and sometimes it stays a word document with two sentences in it forever.

    not having a whole story absolutely does not make you not a writer! (how's that for some expert grammar... ha)
    i very, very rarely know where my stories are going, wherever they begin. and i doubt i will ever write an actual novel, because i can't keep on one story for more that 25 pages. the literature world does not hold "writers" to novels by any means. order some lit mags and look at all the stuff other people do! it's always a good place to start for me.
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    I write a lot as part of my job. However, it's never for "me" and I always tell myself I'm going to write something that comes straight from me, but I never get around to it. I agree that literary magazines are a great place to start and I love short stories!
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    I use to write a lot before I got all crazy with college I'm just getting back into writing now. My goal is to write a complete novel by the time I'm 30.
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    I consider myself a writer even though I don't have any formal training because a high school and college classes. I'm working on a novel now. I think I know where I want it to go but I focus more on the details and pretend my characters are real people than trying to force the story to go somewhere. I let my imagination take over.
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    My degree is in English, though only 1 class of that was creative writing, and it was focused on poetry and short stories.

    I have several novels in various states of completion. I struggled for years with wanting to write but feeling overwhelmed, underprepared, etc. Then I did NaNoWriMo, and I found the format, with its focus on quantity instead of quality, to be absolutely liberating. It freed me to just write, without worrying about whether it was good enough. The traditional NaNo month is November, but you can do it on your own any time, and you can modify it to suit your schedule (maybe 25k words in a month, for example). If you aren't familiar with it, check out their website and read about it. And you can absolutely start by writing the plot bunnies (the little bits of plot you do have in your head) or write scenes that you find cool and exciting, and then later try to stitch them together with more writing. You may even end up ditching the scenes entirely, or saving them for another novel, but it gets you started.

    In the end, you have nothing to lose by giving it a try!

    And if anyone is looking for some good writing software, I highly recommend Scriverner. I think I found it through the NaNo site. IIRC, it was pretty cheap (maybe $30) and I've found it to be extremely helpful. You do need to watch the rather long tutorial so that you can get full use out of the many awsome features, but it does so many great things.
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